Founded in January of 2001, The O’Connor Group LLC is a privately held, certified women owned and operated company. 

We have experienced positive growth every year we’ve been in business.  We are committed to honesty and integrity and take special care to ensure that our client’s experience in working with us is a positive one.  Beyond delivering what is contracted and expected, we aspire to make our clients satisfied and happy.

We’ve had the honor and privilege of working with companies ranging in size from Fortune 100 to independent business owners.  No program is too large or small.  Our decision to engage is based on the confidence we have in delivering what our client has asked of us.

Our team’s experience includes working for some of the largest, most reputable consumer products and pharmaceutical companies in the world.  Our collective training, knowledge and experience from these companies has given us exposure to the highest business standards in sales, management, marketing and finance.  We share an entrepreneurial spirit and are committed to assisting our clients to achieve their goals as they relate to our engagement and performance.

We look forward to working with you!