The O'Connor Group

Strategic Retail Solutions

We approach the merchandising industry as a value-added proposition for the manufacturer.  We partner with the leading and most respected national merchandising and installation service providers to ensure our clients’ needs are met at retail.  Each partnering service provider has different strengths and areas of expertise.  Once we learn the manufacturer’s requirements (in-store objectives, retailers, timing, reporting, budget, et al), we either:

  1. make a recommendation as to which provider would perform the best
  2. or

  3. facilitate competitive bids on behalf of the manufacturer.

Once the manufacturer has chosen the provider, we help develop, manage and analyze the program.  The “value addition” is that we perform these activities at no cost to the manufacturer as we are compensated by the service provider for delivering the incremental volume.  We have the same compensation rate with all partnering companies, eliminating any bias with regard to recommendation of one partner over another…our recommendations are based solely on the manufacturers needs.   Our reputation is contingent on our partnering provider’s performance.  In order for us to have a sustainable business….we must partner with the best in the industry!


  • Merchandising & Installation Sourcing
  • Program Evaluation
  • Program Planning, Design & Development
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • New Product Launch Strategy
  • Continuity & Project Management

Consulting Assignments, Strategies & Areas of Expertise within the Merchandising & Installation Industry*

  • Contract Evaluation/Negotiation
  • ROI Analysis
  • Staffing Retention
  • Volume Management
  • Technology Enhancement
  • System Implementation
  • Process Management
  • Field & Internal Operations
  • Training
  • Account Management
  • Communications
  • Organizational Structure                                                        

* Consulting Assignments are compensated separately from our standard Merchandising Services

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